Abu Dhabi entrepreneurs are interested in pest control technology applied in Gandía

  • A delegation from Abu Dhabi visited this morning Gandia to check the system for applying the Inesfly paint on sewers of the city, within the fumigation campaign that takes place in Gandia.
  • A new pest control technique that gives greater efficacy, lower toxicity and long persistence, at least for 12 months, Gandia has already applied in its sewer obtaining a great success.
  • The company CTL is responsible for the application of the product with technicians equipped with special airless equipment.

Gandia, May 262015.- Still continuing the fumigation campaign in Gandia with an application system that is reference in various parts of the world.

This morning at the Town City Hall, a demonstration has been done from the application of Inesfly paint  in sewers of Gandia. The General Director of Environment of the City, Clara Carbonell, was present accompanied by a delegation from Abu Dhabi, together with Joaquín Berbaneu, manager of CTL, and Eduardo Castell, Manager of Inesfly.  This innovative system has been created by the Valencian scientific Dr. Pilar Mateo, specialized in the polymeric microencapsulation and in the investigation of new tolls for the control of vectors that’s transmits endemic diseases and the control of agricultural plagues.



The delegation from Abu Dhabi was chaired by Mohamed Al Marzooqi as director of pest control Tadweer-CWM. This company belongs the Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Naser Abu El Haija, manager of Irshad Pest Control formed part of the delegation. Both have visited Inesfly Corporation plant in Valencia. During their stay they were able to visit Gandia that applied this technology with great success in its sewers for pest control. The valencian company CTL is responsible for the application of the product with specialized technicians with special airless equipment. The CTL manager has indicated, “this new pest control technique gives greater efficacy, lower toxicity and long persistence for at least 12 months."

Regarding the Arab Emirate, the company IRSHAD PEST CONTROL has recently introduced Inesfly technology on the market for pest control. The general manager has indicated that this company is the major contractor for Pest Control Services and supplier of various types of pesticides products to Abu Dhabi Municipality, to Al Ain Municipalities and other municipalities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

As well TADWEER-CWM, is the lead agency responsible for controlling, waste coordinating management and pest control activities throughout the Emirate. Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Director of the company, said “I’m feeling pleased to come to Gandia, we came with the intention of opening doors between Abu Dhabi and the city of Gandia, working together on future opportunities…".An exchange of experiences with a company of Abu Dhabi that can be successful, as it main reference the Spanish technology.

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